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Crate Hire Newcastle Gateshead

We offer flexible delivery and pick up of our crates that can be hired for as little as one week or a long-term basis.

Storage / Removal Crate Hire

Crates are great for packing files ensuring the same filing order, papers, stationery and personal effects in an office, retail or a home move; they are secure, strong and designed to protect contents from damage and stack up to 7 high, carrying a unit load of 35 kg. Crates nest up to 75% when empty, saving valuable space. We can provide lidded or unlidded crates in various sizes, though the most popular ones are 64 litres (600x365x400) and 80 litres (710x460x368).

Lidded crates can be provided to the customer with tamper-proof security tags ensuring the safe transit, confidentiality and will restrict unauthorised third-party access to the contents.

You can pack up much faster using plastic moving crates which you may find less time consuming and stressful. The convenience of hiring our crates would give you the comfort of unpacking at your leisure.

Storage Crate Hire local to Newcastle Gateshead

Plastic crate hire / rental is perfect to move, store and relocate in Newcastle upon-Tyne and greater Tyne and Wear area. Hire a crate from GS Transport and we will deliver to your door and collect from anywhere you need us to. Newcastle crate hire is an economical solution to help you move your office or home easily in the North East.

Storage crate hire is a great way to help you move items securely and safely without the need for cardboard boxes. A more environmentally friendly solution, hire crates are perfect if your items require extra protection; they are easily stackable and can be sealed for security if necessary, when moving.

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Why Hire Removal Crates?

Plastic crate rental, available on short or long-term hire, is particularly useful for moving staff internally or when moving offices or storing valuable equipment. We also offer further storage solutions should the situation require. For further information on any of our services, please view our services, or get in touch via the form on the contact page!

  • Short term or long term hire available
  • Suitable for office and home moves
  • Reusable – crates are cleaned out after use, recycled at end of life
  • Stackable – lids open when empty to allow convenient storage
  • Crate handling equipment onsite – crates are fully transportable via lift or trolley
  • Packaging and accessories available

Office Removal and Storage Crates

The GS Transport team can also arrange to do all of the packing and unpacking for you should you prefer, leaving business staff members available to business right up to the move. Perhaps an ideal time to archive all paperwork which just requires keeping for a statutory period of time? We will be delighted to show you our storage and archive solutions. We can also arrange for more permanent storage, able to keep extra furniture out of the office when not required, but accessible for when it is needed again. Follow the links for more information about our storage facilities and packing services.

Crate Delivery

Storage crates can be a crucial part of any business relocation project and it is essential that the right type and the right number arrive with you when they should. Our team will help evaluate all of your crate needs starting with timescales, amount of crates needed, delivery dates as well as drop off, distribution and collection addresses. Our crate hire and delivery service is very flexible and will be tailored around your specific requirements for your convenience and peace of mind.

We make sure that all crate deliveries and collections are signed for, which means you know exactly how many crates you have at any time throughout your project.

Lidded Storage Crates

Lidded crates can be provided to the customer with tamper-proof security tags ensuring the safe transit, confidentiality and will restrict unauthorised third-party access to the contents. For more info on securing your possessions get in touch with an experienced member of our team on 0191 413 9830.


10 - 20 crates

per week
  • 1 month minimum
  • price per week
  • basic crate
  • delivery / collection included

20 crates or more

per week
  • 1 month minimum
  • price per crate
  • secure sealed crates
  • security tagging
  • delivery / collection included

10 - 20 crates

per week
  • 1 month minimum
  • price per crate
  • closable / lidded crates
  • delivery / collection included


Can I buy crates from you rather than rent them?

If you are only looking to use the crates for a short period of time, renting crates is far more cost effective than buying. However, we do and can sell our removal crates if you require a longer-term solution. Call us on 0191 413 9830 to enquire about which hire crates we have for sale. Alternatively, for a more general crate hire enquiry you can use the handy domestic quote or commercial quote forms.

Are there any minimum order requirements to hiring storage crates?

No, whilst we would always encourage ordering more than you think in order to ensure safe and secure packing, we do not have a minimum number of crates you need to hire.

Do you require a deposit?

We have multiple payment options when it comes to hiring storage crates. Please contact our office directly and speak to a friendly member of our team. They will be happy to assist with any requests in regards to crate hire payments.

Can you deliver storage crates to me?

Yes we can deliver our crates and crate handling equipment to home and business customers.

What are lidded crates usually used for?

Lidded crates are most often used for office and industrial moves. The crates are particularly handy for temporary storage on commercial moves ie for books and paperwork etc while an office is getting redeveloped or decorated.


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