Exhibition Design, Build, Transport, Installation & Storage

We can provide comprehensive end-to-end event services to assist with your next exhibition, from assisting with initial design, through to the storage of event materials after the exhibition is complete.

Event Services

Exhibition set up, build and transportation event services can include:

  • Safe and secure, reliable and timely delivery of your exhibition or event materials to the venue space
  • Full setup and construction, from simple banner attachments to full scale large displays
  • Specialist onsite unloading equipment such as trolley dolleys and forklifts. We can even arrange your crane hire if required.
  • Amenity hookup (electric, water etc), along with electrical testing for non specialist equipment.
  • Disassembly, packing and storage after your event has completed

When it comes to events and exhibitions for small businesses, we find it is the transport aspects of the project that often appear the most difficult, or even overlooked. With our own fleet of vehicle and loading equipment, we don’t need to rely on any third-party or external logistics to get your project where it needs to be. Over 30 years working with businesses and event venues across the North East, we have the experience to deal with red tape issues, ensuring your exhibition materials are offloaded promptly and efficiently – minimising hassle and ready for construction.

When your event finishes, our experienced team can be left to dismantle, pack and store whatever is required. Leaving you to return home knowing your project will be safe and secure until next time it is required.