Piano Removals

Having a piano delivered to your home can be a very stressful prospect, especially if you think it’s going to be a tight squeeze, .  That is when you need to call GS TRANSPORT LTD, and use our specialist experienced team of movers.  We have the tools and knowledge to take all the stress away and ensure the move runs smoothly.

Moving a piano can be a complex process. Without professional guidance and expertise, the size and difficulty of the move can become overwhelming, with the instrument itself at risk of becoming damaged without the right tools for the job being available. Our team are experienced in removing and putting back all types of access points including windows, doors and gateways. Don’t  hesitate when buying your dream piano if your only concern is as to how you will get the instrument into your house or flat. Give us a call – we have very experienced team members, who will happily visit your premises first to discuss and advise you on whether it is possible to install piano, before you go a buy it.

Upright, baby and even grand piano removals are possible using our trained teams and specialist piano removal equipment. Don’t risk moving the piano yourself, or getting a ‘man and a van’ in to do the task. Piano removals usually require specialist equipment and tools, including trolleys, dollies and stair climbers, in order to prevent damage during removal and transit. GS TRANSPORT have the facilities to transport your instrument securely and safely through a range of access points to homes and businesses across the North East.

Preparing for your piano removal

Once you have received and accepted a quote for piano removal its time to get the instrument ready for its move. The weight of the piano will determine how many team members are required for the move, but the most important aspect of preparation is the initial dismantling and securing of the instrument – whether baby or grand piano, the three legs should be removed, and the keyboard lid should be locked closed, or removed altogether. Grand and upright pianos will need to be transported on their sides in order to avoid damage to the cast iron harp holding the strings. It is important that the piano is safely wrapped in protective plastic coating in order to secure the working innards of the piano. The piano will then be wrapped in special blankets in order to safely secure the instrument for both removal from property, and transportation in our vehicles. Our removal team will come equipped with heavy duty trolley-type dollies to help facilitate the move. We can also supply all wrapping and packaging required to successfully complete the task if required. Once in the van, an upright piano should be loaded with the keyboard facing the wall, whilst a grand piano will require a sideward orientation, with the padded lid towards the side of the truck in order to fully secure. It’s little nuance details, gained from experience that assist in a truly successful piano move – it’s definitely worth consulting an expert when it comes to moving your valuable, and often expensive piano.

For a free no obligation piano removal quote, including a site visit if necessary, please use our handy domestic quotation form to give us the basic details we need to plan your move successfully.