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Office Space Redesign

Space Redesign and Reconfiguration

We provide a professional service to accommodate all the necessary tasks in setting up your office to a required floor plan or specification.

You can rely on our experience in project management in numerous sectors and our proven record in overcoming unforeseen situations whilst working hand in hand alongside multiple contractors.

Since 1988 we have developed a wealth of knowledge in providing the best design advice and space optimisation. If we feel your workplace is not designed correctly or is impractical, we will address the issue and provide a solution to resolve the problem, making your office layout more open, ergonomic, user friendly and visually appealing.

Work Space Reconfiguration

Office reconfiguration, or office redesign, is one of G S Transport Ltd’s key services on offer. We don’t just do new office refits; we provide full service installation, design and reconfiguration of your office space, our team available to locations throughout the North East.

For larger projects requiring full reconfiguration, G S Transport offers a full service including site survey – where our team will visit your workplace/office/showroom and take measurements and, if need be, photographs, to survey the space. By completing a full survey of your workplace, we can establish the extent of your needs, including furniture, IT relocation, filing relocation, storage, re-installation etc, and provide a fixed price quote.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we will be able to work in the near future. G S Transport’s expert space planning team is able to completely configure your workplace through office redesign or complete space reconfiguration. Whether you require full office removal to new premises, or simple rejig of existing design, our office redesign team is able to apply our expertise to a variety of situations including but not limited to full office redesign, showroom floor plan advice and warehouse layouts plans.

Redesigning Office Space

An office redesign traditionally focuses on utilising what is already present in the business. Re-using the common space and furniture. When planning and managing an office space redesign we look to five key points for success:

  • Make full use of the available light and space
  • Incorporate storage areas without sacrificing space
  • Incorporate break-out spaces if appropriate
  • Consult employees!
  • Invest in furnishings and decor

Office Relocation and Move Management

With over 30 years’ experience in moving large-scale public, private and specialist organisations, G S Transport Ltd provide an efficient, friendly and secure service, designed to meet all your office relocation requirements. Our experience and expertise will help you to meet all your move requirements, and critically, continue to function throughout your move.

Whether it is moving books, computers or containers as part of a bigger commercial relocation, you can rely on our experience in move management in numerous sectors. We have extensive experience in planning and delivering specialist relocation projects, which can be undertaken around your exact needs, whilst maintaining live and sensitive operations. We can provide unbranded transport for sensitive cargo, operate outside normal business hours for stealth or rapid deployment, and we have a proven record in overcoming unforeseen situations whilst working hand in hand alongside multiple contractors.



What's the difference between office redesign, office reconfiguration and office renovation?

Office or space redesign is focuses on how current appearance, functionality, and equipment impact the workplace environment. When your office space fails to establish and manage a good office workflow, this can often be remedied with a thoughtful office redesign.

Office Reconfiguration involves changing the layout of your office – improving your existing office floor plan or remodelling your space to meet a specific purpose. Reconfiguring the office is generally the first option that clients choose because it allows them to get the most value out of their initial office investments.

Depending on the goals you have for your office transformation, an office redesign or reconfiguration can help you improve the workplace setting by:

  • Optimizing actual office space
  • Streamlining office processes, thus boosting employee efficiency
  • Covid-19 compliance – Adding physical distance between workstations

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